Monday, October 8, 2012

What a great day!

Today was a GREAT day! Joel got to work from home, which meant that his entire lunch break was spent with Siena and I along with just getting to hangout with him while he worked on his work. It was great! Plus, Siena was soo darn cute today! She kept doing cute thing after cute thing!

At one point I had her helping me clean her bedroom and I picked up her shoes to put them away. She saw them and walked over to her usual spot where we put her shoes on and plopped down on the ground waiting for me to follow!lol Here's the cute picture:
So cute! After I helped her get her shoes on she started following me towards the door then turned around and ran to Joel asking for a kiss. So sweet. She know that's what you do before you leave because daddy always does that. SO CUTE!

We did have one mishaps.. WARNING: EXPLICIT...Siena was in the bathtub and all the sudden I saw that squint in her eyes..SHE WAS POOPING IN THE BATHTUB!!! AHH! So what did I do? I immediately grabbed her out of the bathtub and plopped her bum down on the toilet. She then gave me this horrified look of "What the heck am I doing on this cold awful contraption with a hole?!!?" and of course, then she wouldn't continue.. Long story short, we re-bathed her and she was clean. but ah!! I just couldn't believe it. So gross.

This video was from yesterday, but it's so funny!:) She gets so excited about anything and everything and cheers. It's so cute!

Oh, also! I added some "low-lights" to my hair. This was a lovely picture from that experience, yay for tin-foil hair:
I really like it. It just adds a little bit of dimension to my hair.

Hope your weekend was great! Ours sure was. We loved watching General Conference!


  1. She is so cute! And I can't wait to see your hair.

    And poop in the bath! That's happened a lot at our house :/

  2. I love her in the video, she looks right at the camera even!