Friday, October 5, 2012

Ice cream and a date night

We have had a fun week. A couple of days ago we went grocery shopping and Joel carried all of these bags on one arm plus that package of water bottles up our stairs up to our apartment. I counted and there were 25 cans/jars of things in those bags! How does he do it?
See the strawberries she's going for. She walked around the house smelling those strawberries over and over again. She then ate like 5 strawberries in one sitting. I think she liked them..

Today Siena had her first ice cream that didn't make her breakout! (she's allergic to dairy) And she LOVED it! It was a chocolate ice cream, can you see it on her face?

I also had a little helper today cleaning our mirror/ bathroom. She was so happy to be helping.
 Little miss has been fortunate enough to go on date night with us recently. We went to check out the new food trucks in Round Rock and then to Rudy's for some BBQ.

 Poor thing got the shaft with her she did get some bbq though.

This video may freak you out at first, but keep I don't think she has any trust issues..


  1. Thie grocery part made me laugh. Dave loves the challenge of carrying in all the bags in one trip. He's nuts :)

    1. That's so funny! Yeah, Joel too. I keep telling him we're going to have to amputate his arm one of these days because of blood loss in his either that or we'll have to amputate his hand just to get the groceries off

  2. He's "stronger then a red onion" my aunt use to say about my boys. LOL You are right, freaks me out to see her fall so far in that video but obviously, it is not a problem for her! So cute and I love the way you are documenting your lives! Love you all!