Monday, October 1, 2012

Off to Dallas for a Club Foot Update!

 This morning Siena and I got up and headed off to Dallas for a Dr's visit at the Scottish Rite Hospital.
Proof that we were in Dallas. See the "Reunion tower" (The big ball in the background)?

After filling out some paperwork we waited for them to call us back.

Some of the sweet decor. This thing was spinning, jingling and clicking..etc. It definitely entertained Siena.

 They told us that it would be a few minutes so we went to the cafeteria to eat our sandwiches. While we were eating there was a table of ladies sitting near us that were chatting and kept laughing. Of course, Siena then copied their laughs. Hope the ladies didn't notice that my daughter was MOCKING them....haha
 Hanging out in the room before seeing the Dr. Siena loved sticking her tongue out in the mirror.

The actual update: He kept saying that since he hadn't seen her foot before, he couldn't really say what kind of change it had made, but he said that her foot was looking really really good. He said that by looking at her x-rays that he thinks she will have Fibular Hemimelia. If you look that up online, it's a pretty scary sounding thing, but don't worry. Because she is able to stand and walk, I'm pretty positive that they won't have to amputate her leg. When you look at all the cases in which they amputated, they did it when they were really young and the child's foot didn't have all the shape that Siena's has. The Dr told us to come back in whenever she grows out of her next pair of shoes which means 6 mo-1 year from now.

Side note: apparently our old Dr 's office was state of the art because this new dr doesn't use the shoes that she has. They only have the old school ones that are stationary and don't rotate like the ones Siena has. We are counting ourselves lucky for having had the Dr that we had. Boy are we missing Dr Klatt and Primary Children's, but I'm sure we'll have a good experience with this new Dr.

Here are our fun finds from this last weekend's Garage sales:
  •  1 book $0.25
  • 6 different  types of vintage fabric for $3.00 total! (Each had about 2-3 yards worth!)
    • The fabrics were either old ones that this lady had purchased, or some were her mother's that had been handed down to her! Pretty sweet!
  • and Veggie Tale's Jonah and the Whale DVD for $1.
Here's the tag from one of the fabrics:

I didn't even know that JCPenny even sold fabric once upon a time.. Anyone know when the last time was they sold fabric? Kinda fun!


  1. I hope you end up liking this doctor as much as the last. Siena is so cute in all the pictures!

  2. Thanks guys! And me too cami! I'm sure we will once we get used to his style of doctor-ing.

  3. Kristin! I live so close to Scottish Rite! Next time you are here, call me and we'll come to the playground. You guys can stay at our house any time it is a multi-day visit too.

  4. Oh man, no way! That just made my day! I'm so bummed I didn't realize that before! I would have loved to see you guys! Next time for sure! And thanks for the offer. We may just take you up on that one someday!

  5. Kristin, I loved EVERYTHING about this posting! The pictures are so cute of Siena and I LOVED the one where she has her head on your shoulder with both of you in the picture! You are such a sweet and good Mother for your darling baby girl, too. So happy that things are going well for Siena and her foot problems.

    I also enjoyed the info about your finds, your Penny's material. I myself use to buy fabric at Penny's. I worked at J.C. Penny's, too but never sold fabric. I worked selling men's pants and another time in the home goods department selling sheets and bedspreads. I also worked one Christmas wrapping gifts. Mostly, I worked in their office in the financial part working with credit receipts, etc. You really brought back a lot of memories for your old Grandma. Also, I've been with my Mother shopping for fabric, too. She was their prime customer in the fabric department, I'm sure. Way to keep up the family tradition! Love you lots, Kristin! Also, loved your friend Carrie for offering help when you have to go to Dallas again!