Sunday, October 14, 2012

Garage Sale finds and random photos

Ok, these pictures definitely aren't the best, but they'll do! There are a lot of them too, so bear with me!

Siena LOVES to read. It's adorable. She'll grab a book and sit for a bit and just go through the pages. I love watching her.
 On Friday, we went to Sirloin Stockade. They had one of these in Mexico and Joel went there a lot on his mission, so we had to go once just for the memories.

We were EXTREMELY full walking out of there. We decided after this experience that we aren't really buffet people.
 Siena was soaking it up! She loved watching all the people walk by her and waved to everyone!
 We got a lot of stuff this weekend at garage sales. Some of the stuff was even free which was awesome. I'll mark what was free.

This chair was FREE! We drove by a ladies house and she had some furniture sitting by the side of the road that was labeled FREE. I was ecstatic! So we picked up 2 pieces.

Here is the finished product of the chair:

This was $5 and it's a very heavy, solid wood piece that's in great condition..just a paint job and it'll be great!

Another FREE piece. We got 6 different handles from Hobby Lobby for this guy! I'm so excited to get it painted and stick those handles on it!

We got this for $15. It was exactly what we have been looking for! We needed a desk for our desktop computer that we just got and we happened to run across this yesterday.

This was not from a garage sale, but this is the shirt that I made from some of that vintage fabric that I got at the garage sale a week or 2 ago. I love it!

Aint she cute!?
Ok, these next shirts are all from one garage sale where a girl had a bunch of vintage clothes and I was stoked to get all of these clothes for $5! I have to tailor them, but I think once I do they're going to be awesome!

The next 3 are the only ones that I've tailored so far. They're so fun!

 We also got these 2 blu-ray's from a garage sale for $4 each.
 These Steve Madden shoes were actually from last weekend, but I realized that I never got a picture of them. I think they're so great and they were only $2.

I have one last picture. Have I mention that Siena loves to dress up?! I think she's really going to enjoy Halloween!


  1. You guys are amazing! I'm a lousy garage saler. . .

    Also, I noticed how cute that shirt was at Enrichment!

  2. Don't ever apologize for too many pictures, Kristin! I loved it! So thrilled with all of your bargains and enjoyed the fashion show on your skinny little body! How do you do it, keeping yourself so slim and trim? I need help! Thanks for sharing, love to see all the things you are doing!