Sunday, January 19, 2014

Park and fun with Family

 It's been a fun month so far, so I thought I'd catch everyone up with some pictures...

 Yesterday I found Siena sleeping like this. Yikes!
 My parents came in town this weekend and we had a lot of fun. Here are a couple pictures from Hopdoddy

 Brighton was the center of attention while he was doing tummy time this morning.
 Here are a couple pictures of our chunky boy. He's over 15 lbs now and he's only 8 weeks old!!

 I was cooking dinner the other day and turned around to find Siena on the ground coloring.
 The next several pictures are pictures from the park. We had a picnic this afternoon while we had showing #6 on our house.

 Here are a few pictures from a walk we took a couple weeks ago. We are loving our double stroller! Glad we got it!

Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures. We are doing great and are loving life. We are excited to head to California in 26 days! Hopefully we will choose our housing for California in the next few days. We're excited for that! It's coming up so fast!


  1. We need to do something before you guys leave! And holy cow, over 15 pounds!!! That's more than Trey and he's got some life on Brighton - wowza!

  2. Cute pictures Kris! I'm sad that your mom just got there and you guys are leaving!!

  3. Kristin, I know I commented on these pictures but where is my comment. Maybe on FB. So many mediums to choose from. I think I may just give up on Instagram, can't do it all! Love these photos, loved to read about your sweet little family and think the kids are just darling, too! It also makes me so happy when I see my own daughter, Julie, happy and smiling, too! I think you and Joel bring happy times to them. I know they will miss you terribly when you move away. Guess it will make for a good excuse to go out west and catch both you and Stephanie, your sweethearts all all those darling grandkids. I am envious really when everyone gets together and I can't be there always. Love you all!