Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ryan and Lauren's Wedding, Christmas Vacation and Brighton's Blessing

Joel and Siena got to fly out to Louisiana to attend Ryan and Lauren's wedding at the beginning of December. Siena really loved having 1x1 daddy time. She also loved going on the airplane, she talked about airplanes for about a week straight after going on this trip.

 In her flower girl dress I made for her for the wedding.
 Flower girl and ring bearer with the happy couple!:)

 On the flight back
 Hanging out at the Dallas airport for their layover.
 They both really enjoyed the trip and enjoyed being with Ryan and Lauren on their special day.

Here is a picture of the salt dough hand print ornaments that I made for my parents, Joel's parents and for our own tree. The first is Brighton's hand, and the second is Siena's.

For Christmas we headed over to Houston to spend time with both our families. It was so fun to be able to see both sets of grandparents all in one trip. Siena was especially loving the attention!

While on vacation I luckily remembered to snap Brighton's 1 month picture:
 About to get a bath. This guy is getting so big wayyy too fast!
 Christmas eve we read the story of Christ's birth, sang some songs and then Siena opened her present with her new p.j.'s and book (The Polar Express)
 She loves her reindeer p.j.'s..:)
 Christmas morning we got a few pictures of Siena and Brighton in their Christmas p.j.'s before heading down to open presents.

 She got chapstick in her stocking.. Gma and Gpa know her too well..
 Checking out the baby doll diaper bag that I made for her, equipped with a miniature quilt for her baby doll, a changing pad, wet wipe container with wipes, diapers, and a mini bib for her baby.

 Over the Christmas holiday we got to go to the Zoo with Gma and Gpa Cluff. It was so fun to see Siena's excitement over all the animals.

 Checking out the Lions with Papa:
 Brighton started crying and I lifted the carseat cover to find this...whoops!lol

 Siena LOVED brushing the goats. I think she would've stayed there all day had we let her.
 On Sunday, December 29th, 2013 Brighton was blessed by his daddy. It was so nice having so much family there to support.
Cluff/Wells family:
 The whole crew:
 Reichert Family:
 And our little family of four:

 Brighton is one happy little guy! I just love his chubby little cheeks and happy smile! Can't get enough of this little guy!
Siena loved baking cookies with Grandma Viv! She was so into it.
Joel, dallin, my mom and dad and I all went bowling while we were there too. We all broke 100 at least once, so we felt quite accomplished. Especially me!:)
 Brighton's getting bigger and stronger and has been holding up his head really well..
There is a little update and fun info about our Christmas vacation and what's been going on around here. Hope your holidays were filled with as much cheer as ours was!


  1. Evette got chapstick in her stocking, too! Now she carries it in her pocket all the time!

  2. Very nice, Kristin! Good to be there and witness Siena's fun times at the zoo and Christmas, too! She is a darling little girl with so much enthusiam for life. I've told everyone how precious she is and also baby boy, Brighton. It was really fun to be with all that side of my family for a change and also to have fun times with the Reicherts, too! Love you all!

  3. Cute pics Kris! Can't wait to see the whole gang soon!

  4. Braden and Siena can be twins with the chapstick thing! AND Savannah and Siena can be jammie twins :)