Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Britghton's 8 months(a little late...), Tumbling, and lots of new milestones!

 I'm a little behind.. Brighton will be 9 months tomorrow and I am just now posting this 8 month picture.lol Hopefully I'll get the 9 month picture taken soon and get htat one up a little earlier next time..:) Brighton has turned into quite the little wiggle worm!  These next pictures were the best ones I could get because he was ALL OVER THE PLACE!:)

Siena took a little tumbling class and absolutely loved it! It was so fun to watch her learn all sorts of new things such as head stands(which she can do on her own now!)

Trying to do the bridge (which she can now successfully do on her own as well!):

Siena was the smallest in her class, but probably had the best attention span.lol

 This next one is blurry, but you get the picture.:)

 Joel got off work early so he could go with her to her last class.

Brighton had an eventful week a few weeks ago. He learned to crawl, got his first tooth and we discovered that he could sit up on his own all in one week! When I say crawling I guess I really mean army crawling, but it gets him around!:)

We have had Joel's brother Ryan in town this last week and we got to head over to the Ogden Temple open house this last weekend (I realized that we didn't get a single picture with him in it.. whoops).

Life is treating us well. I am now a little more than halfway through this pregnancy as well (around 22-23 weeks?). I can't believe how fast time is flying!

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