Friday, August 29, 2014

Br. 9 mo & Our 4th Anniversary

When I was going through some of our pictures I found  few unposted pictures from July 4th weekend, so here they are. We did a short little 3k on the morning of July 4th, then that night we headed out to watch fireworks. The last one is all the cousins together before church.

Brighton turned 9 months old on the 20th and so I snapped his 9 month pictures:

This kid is so fun y'all! This morning he not only waved back to me when I was waving hi, he also said hi too! He thought it was pretty fun and we kept doing it for at least 5 minutes (which is like a year in baby

Siena also "learned to wink" a few days ago. Joel taught her to wink and even do the It's pretty cute!

On the 21st Joel and I had our 4 year anniversary! It's crazy to think we are on our way to being married for 5 years already! Time is flying and life is only getting better as the time goes on!

We did lots of fun celebrating. We started our day off with a hike up to a lake with the kids.
It was beautiful and a fun way to start off our fun day.

Joel's brother Ryan came and graciously babysat for us that night while we headed off to Cheesecake factory for a fantastic meal and then walked over(in the rain..:/ ) to the theater to see Wicked! This was my 3rd time seeing Wicked, but Joel's first. It was fun to share that with him! I think this was my favorite portrayal of Glinda of all of them that I've seen too.

Before leaving the house for our anniversary date:

At Cheesecake Factory.. we might have splurged and gotten 2 cheesecake pieces.. Funny thing was that Joel and I could only eat about 1 bite of each before feeling completely full after already eating all the bread and our pasta. So we had an awesome treat after lunch the next day!:)
 Outside the theater, getting ready to walk in to see Wicked
 The picture we snapped before they told us we weren't allowed to take pictures of the set..

We had such a great 4th wedding anniversary!

Engagement photos:


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