Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fun with Family and Friends.. Life Lately

These are all my photos that have been storing up on my phone.. Joel said I should title this post "Data Dump.."

This is one of Brighton's favorite toys right now. I have to push the button, but he loves to talk into this thing.. he'll sit still for 10 minutes straight if you'll help him.

My mom came into town a few weeks ago and we had such a fun time with her. We met up with my Aunt Kathy up at the zoo one of the days.
 And met up for lunch with my grandma Sellers as well one of the days.

 We had such a fun time having her here. It's always sad to see family go. Doug and Vivian, Joel's parents will be coming in town in about 2 weeks though and my mom will be back in town at Christmas. It's great to have family trips planned.

These two little cuties love each other!:)
 I posted this next one on facebook and so I'm just going to copy and paste the story from that here:
The joys of having a mischievous older sister. I was working in putting a dresser together.. I had siena watching a movie and brighton corralled in the area too with toys. I heard siena say "Brighton, you will be a monster for halloween. You need lotion.." I look over the couch to find her smearing diaper cream all over brighton...
 The library had a little train come for the kids to ride on recently. We BARELY made it in time for the second to last ride around. Siena was SOOO worried we were going to miss it. and frankly so was I. I was certainly not looking forward to the extremely dissapointed toddler I would have had on my hands, so both she and I were thankful we made it just in time!:)
 After lunch one day brighton was a mess so I just threw him in the sink to get cleaned up. Siena loved helping wash his hair.
 Brighton is finally stable enough of a sitter that he can even sit in the slippery car grocery cart things they have at the store (that Siena insists we use every time we go in.. to which I usually give in if we're not in a huge hurry).
 We went to Kid to Kid recently and picked up all the kids' winter gear for this upcoming winter season here in Utah. Joel and I were super excited about the things we found that day! You should see brighton's winter snowsuit.. Siena calls it the astronaut costume..:)
 Just hanging out at the nearby park
 Brighton has figured out the stairs and LOVES to climb them.
 We love storytime at the library here. Siena gets way into it usually.
 Even Brighton likes story time.
 Hanging out at the park again..
 Siena loves to do her head stands against the wall and the other day Brighton thought it was pretty hilarious to crawl over and bite her face (he's still pretty gummy, so it didn't hurt her thankfully). Siena thought it was hilarious too and they played this game for a while.
 All dressed up for church.
 Cute little sleepy boy!
 Brighton figured out the other day that it was way easier to just climb into the toy chest to play with the toys than to pull out the toys individually.
 Little diva said she was going grocery

 We went to a peach/apple orchard on Friday and picked some peaches. No this was not your normal orchard experience and the one you would probably imagine in your head.. this one had sticker weed bushes that came up to your it ended in lots of tears, but those peaches were some of the best peaches I've ever tasted, and to be honest it made for a pretty funny story so it still felt worth it in the end. (a story involving me holding Brighton, the diaper bag, and Siena while I tried to remove the sitckers from her pants and shoes enough to at least be able to carry both kiddos out of the orchard.. it was pretty funny..after the fact).
 On Saturday we watched the BYU game, then headed out for some tasty pizza and then a hike with friends after. We had a great weekend this weekend!

 Yes, she hiked in a

 The pretty view on the way down.
There is the latest from our family! Things are going well. I am now 28 weeks pregnant.. just a few short months left before we have another little guy to chase around!:)

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  1. Adorable little kiddies! I loved all your pictures and stories Kris! I was excited to finally be able to read this whole post! I love it!