Sunday, March 15, 2015

Middle-end of February 2015. Club Foot/Fibular Hemimelia Appointment

I love sleeping baby pictures. Here is a cute one of Declan all burrito-ed up!
I curled Siena's hair with a curling iron for the first time a few weeks ago for church. She loved getting her hair done! Turned out pretty darn cute too if I do say so myself.
Joel got a new phone and it had capability of doing slow-mo videos. When testing it out we got an epic video of Siena. She kept saying that it was burping and mooing when we watched it back too. So funny

We went to a trampoline play place with the kids a few weeks ago. The kids loved it! Even Brighton held his own against the big kids.
Can you see this next one?!:) I laid Declan down on Siena's bed and asked Siena just to keep an eye on him while I laid Brighton down for his nap in the room next door. I came back to this sweet sight. Siena had tucked him in the blankets, given him a stuffed animal to hold and was reading him a book. Cutest big sister award!:)
Such a sweet little guy!

 This video is just a slow-build of Declan about to cry. I thought it was too cute though and had to post it.

 Everyone loves Declan!:)
 I love when they play well together. It's so sweet!
Siena loves listening to her books on CD that we get from the library. I also love it because I am able to get a few things done.
Declan cooing.
 Knock knock..
 Bippidi Boppidi Boo:)
 Siena had a club foot/ fibular Hemimelia appointment. She has these about every 6 months, so I was looking forward to seeing if they had anything new to say. Brighton was a fan of the toys they had in the waiting room.
I took this picture and sent it to Joel telling him about how they had put us in a room set up for doing the castings for club foot that we had done with Siena when she was a baby and how it was bringing back such "fun" and then about 2 minutes into the appointment the dr said Siena needed a cast. Talk about some negative foreshadowing!lol Siena's right leg is shorter than her right and she had apparently been walking on her tippy toes on her right leg and that had tightened her Achilles on that leg and it needed some stretching out. They stretched her leg and then put a cast on it for a week to stretch it out. They wanted Siena to come back for new casts once a week until it was better so we made 2 more appointments for the next two weeks just in case. More on that later in the post.
 She did great getting her cast on. The Dr was really impressed and said she does better than even the
 She's was quite a fan of her pink cast
Brighton LOVES "Deck-uh" (Declan). If Declan is awake and I'm not feeding him Brighton is usually right near him. It's adorable!
 Snapped this sweet picture of Brighton's chubby cheeks! Love them!!
 He just recently found his belly button and thinks it's the coolest thing ever!
 Brighton says quite a few words now. One is "here you go" which sounds more like Hee-a-go. It's so cute.

 About 2 days after getting her cast on she was complaining that it was hurting a ton and wouldn't walk on it.
 Sweet tuckered-out baby!
 After a day or 2 of her complaining and occasionally bursting into tears we went back in to the office to have them take off the cast and check to make sure there were no blisters or problems with it. After determinng that it was fine and that it was probably just her Achilles stretching that was hurting they put on another cast and we made another appointment for a week from that day to get that one off and the next one on.Siena was pretty excited that she got to get a new color. She chose red for her 2nd cast. More to come on that in the next post.
I posted a shorter version of this video on Instagram and said this: "Oh my goodness I am dying over this video! I think I have a little OCD boy on my wish I could have posted the whole video.. He was pretty upset over that darn trash can lid that would not stay closed!"

This is how we make it through church my friends.. two fistfuls of
Siena has been learning songs in Primary and it is so fun to hear her singing these songs at home. The most recent one is called Gethsemane.

Brighton was so upset that morning that he couldn't figure out how to use his spoon. Overall he did well with it though.
 Siena loves having Brighton walk to her. I'm still working on teaching her that you have to stand a few steps away for him to actually be able to walk to her.:)

 Hanging out with his bro.
I love Brighton's car sounds:)

Brighton's first time-out. It was too cute to not take a picture! He sat there really well too. I guess he's seen his sister do it a time or two or
Shortly after Brighton went to time-out Siena had a meltdown and had to go to her room until she calmed down. I took a video in which you can hear Siena screaming from her room and can watch Brighton's reaction to her freakout. It was pretty epic..
I was also lucky enough to have my friend, Amanda, from college come to visit with her sweet little girl. Her daughter was such a fan of Declan, it was hilarious!

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