Saturday, March 14, 2015

End of January thru the middle of February-ish 2015

Most morning Siena and I sit for about an hour or two to read LOTS of library books. She absolutely loves it. Brighton, not so much. He's not too into books yet so he usually plays while we read.
 We went to visit daddy at work and Brighton was a big fan of the big windows.
 We love visiting Daddy's work!

 I gave Brighton a haircut and Siena asked if she chould have one too. It had been taking me 10 full minutes to brush her hair out every morning, so when she asked I said YES!
 Her short little curls

 Brighton is learning to use utensils like a champ
 I posted this lovely picture on Instagram and wrote this about it: "Some moments in motherhood just ain't so glorious.. Just finished cleaning up poop in the bathtub (thanks Brighton), then came down to find this fun mess. On a positive note, my bathtub and the bath toys both got a good cleaning, Declan got a bath, and all his sheets got a good washing. Rough morning, but good thing these kids are worth it!:) p.s. Sorry the pics it just made my point so well."
 The kids love playing in our backyard! The weather this winter has been fabulous and we have had lots of days when it was warm enough to go out and play
 We love this little chunk
 Siena treats Declan like her little doll a lot. She loves to get him "blankets" and pretend to be his little mommy-helper.:)

 Doing her hair in pigtails for the first time after chopping it all off.

The kids and I stopped by the LDS Draper temple one morning after running some errands near it. Siena LOVED it

 Just some fun pictures of this little cutie! I love this first one, it looks like he's really pondering something..:)

 Declan and I get some occasional mommy-son hangouts when both Brighton and Siena decide to take nice long naps.
 This is also an instagram post: "Siena is desperately trying to explain to me that the nail polish isn't working. I'm pretty positive it's"
 Declan one day was trying to suck on his tongue and kept pulling his upper lip in. So glad I caught this moment in a picture, it was too funny!
 Siena and I made some gak one day for fun and she LOVED IT!
 Her poor Elsa doll got "toy story-sid-afied!"
 We have smoothies every morning for breakfast and I just love Brighton's sippy lips!:)
 Hanging out at the park.. Brighton crosses his first and middle finger all the time and it's the cutest thing!

Declan also turned one month during this time-frame. Such a cutie!
 And 2 months!:)

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