Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 2015, Life with 3 kids on our own!

 Siena loves holding her little brother
 Declan loves puking on his mother..lol
 Hanging out with their brother. Yes, Siena is in a swim suit in the middle of January in Utah..
Siena's hair is crazy! It can look absolutely fabulous one day, and then the next morning look like this:
 In the last post I mentioned that my babies all bald on top, and Declan was no different! So sad. Here is his receded hairline the day before we shaved his hair down to a 1.

 Joel's awesome brother came and put in our can lighting in our family room, game room area and the hallway upstairs. It looks awesome guys! I'm still waiting to get the holes patched, but once they're patched I'm planning to post the before and after pictures of the remodels we have done so far.

 Siena got this video from the library recently that talks about Jesus healing a blind man.. so for a few days following she was very into being a blind person(and using up my toilet paper..lol).
 Brighton is so sweet with Declan, he even tries to help out sometimes. The other day I turned around for a second and turned back around to find Brighton trying to put Declan's binky back in his mouth.
 Declan got RSV about 2 weeks ago and it was not fun watching this kid hack up a lung every few minutes. He obviously didn't feel too happy about it either. Luckily it wasn't too bad overall. He had a rough cough and some congestion and such, but he didn't get a fever or anything so besides feeling uncomfortable for days, he was alright!
 I took a little video of Declan's sad cough as well:

Two sleepy boys.
 Last Sunday after getting Siena ready for church I had to snap a picture of her adorable curls.

 Happy boy
 Sweet little sad face:
 Brighton has recently gotten a little more into walking. I had Siena take this next video of Brighton trying to walk:

Not sure when he will decide that it's a priority and actually do it, but for now he seems to be content with crawling.

The kids were all sitting next to each other the other day so I tried to snap a picture. This was the best one I got..lol Probably many more pictures just like this blurry one to come.

 Brighton loves giving kisses right now, and we love it too!
Brighton can say a few random words. He says Hi, Bye ( or rather dye..),  Yeah, and Declan (or geck-uh). I got him saying Declan on video:
Siena likes eating her bananas like Uncle James does- like push pops!
 I just got an ergobaby carrier and I'm so excited about it. I think it'll help me get around with these kiddos a little more. Hopefully I am right!
 Little stud all dressed up for church
 Another picture of Siena holding Declan. She loves it.
We love having this little guy as part of our family already!

This video is of Brighton and Siena "playing ball!" I love watching these two interact with each other. (ignore Declan's grunts in the background.lol)

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