Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beginning of December Activities

 I took this picture when I only had just over a week left until Declan's due date. So fun seeing this picture now that I'm no longer

 Time-outs aren't quite as effective when a certain little buddy comes to play in the middle of it..

 Playing at the museum again. I put Brighton in the chair at one point but he hated it. I think it was just a little too cold. He loved the water though when he was standing on the side.

 Poor kid was totally tuckered out after the museum and fell asleep in THE MOST uncomfortable way!
 The weekend before Declan was born we decided to go out and do a few last hurrah's. We went to a Japanese steakhouse (which the kids LOVED!), and also went to a movie the next day as a family!

 Brighton had white knuckles trying to pull himself up high enough to see the chef.:)
 All dressed up and ready for church.
I was taking this video because I thought it was cute how Brighton was "reading" the book, but in the process I caught something pretty funny on tape. If you watch near the end you'll see Brighton's reaction to his sister getting near The sibling syndrome..
 We also did gingerbread houses as a family home evening activity a few days before Declan was born. I think this is a family tradition that will stick. Siena had a ball.

 The finished products:
Siena got a Santa mask from preschool one day and she came home saying this phrase anytime she put the little beard mask on:

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