Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A few more Halloween photos I forgot, and a few pictures from November

I realized that a few of the halloween pictures never made it onto the blog. Better late than never. We had a ward party and I was co-in charge of it so that meant that Joel took the kids pretty much the whole night and took them around to things. The kiddos loved it.

Siena riding on the Thomas train:
 Getting her face painted
 Brighton's hang-out spot in the stroller..
 getting a litttle warmed up by the fire.
 I dressed up as a fox, but this next picture really cracks me up because I can still hear Siena yelling "Cheese! I got a LOT of candy, cheese! Cheese!" She was so excited.
 Brighton was OUT by the end of the night.
 We also had a little get together with a few friends here:

 We got a packet of frozen decorations for cupcakes from my great-Aunt. Siena and I had such a fun time putting those cupcakes together!
 It has luckily warmed up a bit, but it snowed for a few days a few weeks ago so we went out and played. Brighton wasn't much of a fan. We call his snow suit the
 Siena and Joel made Olaf. He lasted a few days too.
 Siena got a bunch of snow stuck to the bottom of her boots an she started calling it her "glass slipper.." lol

This kid is one happy guy!
On the lookout for samples at Costco.:)

While I was talking with the Dr. during Brighton's 1 year appt, I looked back to see he had found the sandwich I had packed in the diaper bag and was digging in.

Here is a fun little video of the kids playing in the morning:

This next set are a few Instagram photos I posted and don't want to get lost amongst all the millions of places we post these days. I'll just post exactly what I posted with them.

"This is probably the worst part about the snow.. But little shout out to my hubby who is probably the hardest working person I know. I love my man!:)"
 This little cutie is 1 today! How time has flown this last year! He is such a cute, cuddly, happy and easy going little guy! We love you Brighton!
 "Siena is finally old enough where I feel like we can start really establishing our Christmas traditions. Just finished a fun little advent calendar (equipped with a scripture for every day, a chocolate per person per day, and a little "task for each day) for our family! I love Christmas!"
 "Best part of the day for these kids! Daddy makes the best jungle gym!:)"
 I pulled out my phone to take a pic of Siena and her bubble hair, and this little cheese ball gave a massive smile and started saying "deeeez" (which I'm pretty positive translates to cheese! What? He says words?!? This little guy is growing up way too fast!)
"Showing her "friend" that it snowed!:)"

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