Tuesday, January 27, 2015

End of December- Beginning of January. Family in town and the Holidays 2014

 The first few weeks when you take a new baby home from the hospital are so precious. They change so much over such a short period of time. I took lots of pictures, and although a lot of them aren't eventful, they document that quickly-changing period of Declan's life. Siena is very into taking pictures and the next two were a couple of her MILLIONS of pictures she's taken with my phone that actually captured something other than an up close of a book or a finger... etc.

Declan was very into his fingers the first few weeks. He would suck on any finger that he could manage to get into his mouth.
He happened to smile for me in this next one when I was taking it. :)
I'm so glad I caught this sweet moment on video. Siena singing to Declan:

While my family was here over Christmas, Joel, James and my dad all went skiing/snowboarding. Here is a pic of James all decked out in his gear.
 Another snapshot of Declan
 Siena loves her new little brother. This was the first time that she asked if she could burp him. Not a great picture, but it was an adorable moment.
 These next pictures show off a little how big Declan's hands are. He has rather large hands and feet I think. It kinda reminds me of puppies that have those huge paws that they have to grow into.
 Siena loves her uncle James. She especially loved it when he would turn on movies for her and watch them with her.
 Brighton was a fan of the Christmas tree. He was also a fan of the bouncer..
 Papa singing to Declan (P.s. I love Siena's response at the end when I say it's time for dinner.. such attitude..lol)

 Sweet baby boy
We went over to visit my Aunt Kathy while my parents were in town. While we were there the kids found this awesome swivel cushion that they LOVED playing with.. Check out Siena's mad cushion skills..lol

P.s. I totally went out and got one just like it because not only is it an awesome toy, it is also an awesome cushion for people like me with tailbone issues.:) Brighton got a ride on it the night after i got it. He cracks me up in this video though because he tries to say cheese to the camera while spinning. it's great.

This was from our Christmas morning. We did Christmas a few days early since my family was going up to visit my sister and wasn't going to be with us on the actual day of Christmas. My brother has all the pictures from Christmas morning unfortunately, so until I get those from him, this will have to do.
Before coming downstairs on "Christmas morning" we heard my dad downstairs. Siena heard it and thought it was santa. Her reaction was so funny. I'm sure the thoughts going through her head were "there's a strange and scary large man that I don't know in my living room. I am going no where near that living room.." lol
 You gotta love the skinny baby "pudge" rolls when they're this little.
Brighton and daddy playing:

Looking out the front window- one of his favorite past-times.

 It snowed a handful of times so far this winter. Overall it's been a pretty mild winter, but those few times that it has snowed, it's snowed!!

 I told Siena that Brighton couldn't come out yet to play in the snow, so this is how they decided to play together anyway.
 I love these two!

This is how Brighton felt about being out in the snow..

Wearing daddy's snowboarding gear.:)

One morning when Joel went in to get Siena up for the day she told us she had a friend names prince Gobble. Listening to her talk about Prince Gobble was hillarious!:

 Brighton got his first fat lip while my parents were in town. He slipped on our slippery floors and smashed right into the floor with his mouth. His lip got huge!! I was surprised when the next day it was practically gone already.

 My dad helped us out with a few random projects around the house, such as installing new door handles on all our outside doors. Brighton was Papa's helper. So cute!
 Here is the little helper taste-testing things.. just in case.
 All of my babies have balded on the top. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BALD?! It makes me so sad to shave off their hair, but it always ends up looking better in the end. This next picture you can see the hairline starting to recede.
 Siena had been begging to make a snowman since it first snowed. Joel tried going out to make one with her and so did my dad but it was so darn cold the snow was just powder. On the last day before my parents left my dad and Siena were finally able to make a snowman. This is what he looked like the next day..

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