Thursday, January 8, 2015

November Happenings (Including Thanksgiving 2014)

Happy kiddos. They LOVE bath time, and so do I. On cold days when we don't want to go outside, bath time is the best!
 Siena also loves to play in the sink on cold days (or any day for that matter).
 She has also started asking to vacuum. Why yes, you can
 Brighton's not a fan though. This was his response the first time she started vacuuming. It hasn't changed much either.
 Then he cuddled with me for 20 minutes while Siena finished. I was happy, Siena was happy, it was fabulous.
 Watching the cars go by.
Here are a few of the fun decorations I made for the new baby's room! I can't wait to get that baby in there now!
The night before thanksgiving we headed over to park city and stayed at a hotel. We had so much fun getting out of the house. We went out to eat, went swimming that night and the next morning and ate sugary cereal for breakfast (a real treat because we have a smoothie and oatmeal every morning).

At the restaurant:
At the hotel pool:

Hanging out before bed:
 Lazy way to eat breakfast..
 Siena was in heaven with her lucky charms and chocolate rice crispies.

Thanksgiving night we went over to my Aunt and Uncles for a family dinner. As always, there was good food and great company! Siena was pretty tired by the end of the night as you can tell by this next picture.
 Brighton fell asleep on the way home from dinner and looked so sweet. I'm glad Joel captured this moment.:)
The next day we went as a family to the museum of natural curiosity. Ok, this museum was soo cool! Even Joel and I enjoyed it! We were there for almost 2 hours and didn't even get to everything.

Brighton loved the museum too. They had a toddler section. Brighton played this game with the balls for at least 15 minutes straight.

Around thanksgiving we also went to see the Temple Square Christmas lights. That was such a fun family outing. We all enjoyed it because we went on the first night and the weather was literally perfect! I brought hot chocolate for us, but it was almost too hot for it! It was the perfect evening. The kids really loved seeing the lights. Brighton would just randomly start giggling sometimes when looking at them.

 Both kiddos fell asleep on the way home, but Siena's sleeping position cracked us up.

Siena (and joel for that matter), love playing with the blocks and building crazy towers.
 Ok, this next set of pictures make me laugh honestly. Brighton is a sweet and sensitive little guy.. that is almost all the time a fabulous quality, but every once in a while it manifests itself in a not-so attractive way..In these next pictures I told him "no" to drinking the bath water and this was his response. These pictures captured this moment SOO well.

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