Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Declan Joel Reichert is Here!

It's been a month since Declan arrived as the newest part of our family! I can't believe he is already over a month old. When I go back and look at the pictures of his birth it feels like it was literally yesterday. However, I also feel like he has been part of our family for longer than a month already as well.
Declan Joel Reichert was born on December 11, 2014 at 10:53 am. He was 6 lbs 13 oz. and 19.5 inches long.
At about 12 am I woke up feeling the lightest contractions. They were so light I wasn't even positive they were contractions. After a bit I started timing the contractions. At just before 2 am I woke Joel up telling him that it was starting to  hurt enough for each contraction that it was probably time to get going to the hospital. We called up our awesome neighbor, Jill, who showed up to watch the kids for us. We then headed out the door and were at the hospital just after 2 am.  The funny thing is that we had decided that night (the 10th) that we should probably put the hospital bag together and also type up the kids' schedule for when my mom came to watch the kids. Good thing we did them that night! I was dilated to a 5 when we got to the hospital, and after the long process of getting checked in and what not I got an epidural. Things slowed down and there wasn't much progress until 8am when the DR came in and broke my water. After that things finally started progressing. Once I was at a 10, the nurse decided to do one little trial run of "pushing" to get an idea of how soon she should have the DR come in. I pushed for like 1 second and she said STOP! lol then called the Dr to head over and also for the nurses for the baby to come in and get fully set up. Once everything was set up the Dr came in and we just waited for a contraction. With ONE push, I repeat, ONE push, Declan was born. He obviously was very ready to be on this earth.:) So there is the story, here are the pictures:

Lindsey, one of our friends (who also watched our kids fora lot of time while Joel was at the hospital with me) made this cute cake for Declan's birthday! It was so sweet (and extremely tasty too)!
Declan had the cutest fluffy hair once it was finally washed. That made Siena's nickname for him - Duckling - just a little more real!

I guess the hospital usually does this special dinner for you and your significant other on the last night of your stay there. The food was delicious and it was so fun to have a mini date.  It's the little things guys.:)
 Oh how I love Declan's fluffy hair!! It started receding (like the rest of my kids' hair) about a week ago, and about 2 days ago we shaved it down with a 1. It was sooo sad to see it go, but it was time. He was looking like an old balding man.

He was often holding his binky when his hands weren't swaddled into the blanket.
 Wearing his going home outfit.

 Ready to go
 Siena was sooo excited to meet Declan. She wasn't able to come to the hospital to meet him because they had a "no kids under the age of 12" rule because of rsv/flu season here in Utah. Capturing these first few moments of them together was priceless! She was all smiles. She kept saying "He's soooo tiny!" and would tell him "you're so cute!"

 And hugs.
 She is one awesome big sister! She still loves to hold Declan. She even asks if she can hold Brighton occasionally, but Brighton won't have it.lol
 Way too much cuteness in this picture

 When Brighton woke up he was excited to meet Declan as well. Brighton was unfortunately sick though so he had to stay at arms length. Notice Siena in this next picture. This is the motion she would do when she said "He's soo tiny!"

 Saying cheese:
 This next one is just funny. Love this goofy kid.

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