Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Room Pillow and Seat Cushion

The Finished Product:
I had a really ugly teal pillow that I took apart and we covered with cute fabric to make the couch pillow. 
Then we had this brown seat cushion that needed a little pizzazz:


So we picked out the fabric that we thought would go with it and began the project.

First I laid the fabric beneath the pillow and cut around the edges of the pillow, I left about about 5/8ths to an inch all the way around the edge for seam allowance/just some extra fabric to work with. I cut 2 of these in two different fabrics so the we could turn it to the side we were feeling like using.. just to make it a little more versatile.

Second I took the fabric that was to be the strip between the 2 different top fabrics and made a long strip.  I measured the width of the cushion(it was 2 inches) and then added 1 and 1/4 inch onto that  for my two 5/8ths inch seam allowances.  Then I measured the length of what the strip needed to be and made sure to add my 1 and 1/4 inch again for my seam allowances.

For the third step I laid the strip around the edges of my 2 top pieces to get an idea of where the 4 corners were going to be.  I did this because I then reinforce stitched(For this set your machine to 1mm stitches) those corners on the strip so that I could later clip into them.

Here's what the reinforcement stitching looked like.  Do it a skinny 1/8th into the seam allowance from where you plan to sew your actual seam at.

Fourth step, I then pinned my long strip to the top cushion fabric.  For the corners where you reinforcement stitched you can clip into them so that it can turn that corner successfully. DO NOT clip your reinforcement stitching! This is there to help hold your fabric together!

Step Five: Sew your strip and first cushion piece together! Don't forget to press your seams open too! This helps your seam lay flat when you turn it right side out.

For step six just repeat the same process as steps 3-5 but leave the back edge of your pillow open so that you can stuff your pillow inside it.

 If you look closely, you can see that the bottom edge of the light blue fabric is left unsewn:

Step seven: Stuff your pillow inside your newly made pillow covering, and edge stitch your hole closed.
Sorry..this one's sideways for some reason..

 You don't have to do this, but I really wanted the button look that our cushion had before, so I hand stitched into where the "buttons" were on the original and voila! A finished reversible seat cushion!

Shout out: I have to give credit to Joel, he was my photographer for most of these pictures..otherwise I probably wouldn't have had half as many pictures of the process! So THANKS JOEL!:)

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