Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby booties, beret, headband and pancakes!.:) I did a few projects a little while ago that I just never got around to here goes!

This first one is one of my faves!!:)  I never use to like crocheted baby booties because lets face it, when you think of those words together do you not imagine these:

Or even worse..these:

**Disclaimer**..I found those off the I apologize to the owner of those booties..

Anyway...Well I ran into my friend the other day and she was making the CUTEST little baby booties! SOO I asked her where she got the pattern for the Mary Jane Skimmers, then my mom got it for me(THANKS MOM!) and then taught me how to make them!  The finished product:

I also made some to match the baby blessing dress. (these were actually my first and the that's why the pink ones are

I have to give credit to Joel for the cute buttons on these ones though because he picked them out!

After learning how to "turn corners" while crocheting I decided that I could probably make a pretty decent that's what I did.  I made a little baby beret:

P.s. Please excuse my manikin.  Until my actual model arrives(A.k.a. the baby) I am stuck using my little modern art  
For the beret I didn't have a pattern though..and I forgot to write down what I was doing as I did it, so sorry I don't have a pattern for that one.

Then for my last crochet project I made a cute little headband.  I saw the original off of this blog, and just made a few minor adjustments.
Finished product:

So there you have it. a few more fun projects! Yay for no school and Joann's gift cards!:)

I have a few more, but I'll save them for another day!

Just a funny little thing.  The other day Joel and I were making pancakes (a usual for us) and I threw the chocolate chips into the pancake just after pouring it into the pan( chocolate chips-also a usual for us:) ).  I walked away from the pancake for a second and when I returned the chocolate chips had slid into an unusual shape. Made me laugh though. Here's the picture:
 Unfortunately this picture won't rotate! SO lame! but if you tilt your computer you can see a poor face and one "eye" looks like a black eye.  Anway..thought it was funny that it moved into that shape..

Hope you are havin' a great day!


  1. Those little Mary jane's turned out so, so cute! Can't wait to actually see them on that doll baby coming to your house! I'm glad you have some time now to prepare for you baby girl. It is a very special time, espcecially preparing for that first newborn. I can still remember my own preparation for your Mother! She met every expectation and was the most darling baby and a beautiful little girl! (I don't have my glasses on so I hope I dotted every t here.) Love you and so proud of all of your amazing accomplishments. You are a chip off the old block, Kristin!

  2. Haha thanks Grandmother! I can't wait for her to get here!!lol but it's definitely been nice having all this time to prepare as you said!