Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby jacket, and my first REAL baby quilt!:)

I've gotten a few more projects done, but I didn't have a camera! We sold both of our old cameras to get a newer one that takes better videos..but unfortunately, there was a lag time between the selling of our old cameras and getting our new one! But we finally have a camera!
The first project was from a book that Joel got for me for my birthday in November.

It's a sewing book with lots of patterns for baby things.  The book is called Handmade Beginnings and there's the link for it on Amazon.  Anyway, one of the projects is this super cute baby jacket, but I just had to wait until I knew what I was having before I could go pick out the fabrics and all that jazz.'s the finished product:
    So anyways, she has full instructions and patterns in her book! Such a fun project!

NEXT!! I have been working on this quilt for a few weeks now and just finished the binding yesterday! For the pattern for this "Sexy Hexy" quilt go here!
Joel and I went to the store and found lots of fun fabrics:

Then we spent an afternoon cutting out the pattern pieces(Yes, joel helped! And he helped A TON I might add!)

We then separated them into their piles by which pieces went with which to make a hexagon.

Then I spent a couple of days sewing the pieces together until I had this:
I finally got to putting it all together when I went to "quilt night" with one of my friends.  Basically my friend's mother-in-law teaches all of her daughter-in-laws how to quilt and I got invited to join!:) So anyway, her mother-in-law has this amazing quilting machine that I got to use to put it all together! So here it is! The finished product:

I even quilted our soon-to-be daughter's name into the quilt..but you'll have to wait til she's here to see that picture. (those of you that I have accidentally squealed to, keep it quiet!:) ) so anyway! those have been just a few more of the fun things I've worked on while my hubster is off at work!


  1. what is her name going to be!?!? I love your cute baby things you made by the way! Apparently I didn't get the artsy gene.

  2. Kristin, you just amaze me, truly! It doesn't seem like you go for anything that is easy to make! Glad you are having so much fun with this and also, I am just astounded at your skill level. You are a very fast learner but then, I know you are highly motivated, too, with your baby making her appearance in just about a month now. Way to go, Kristin!