Monday, June 27, 2011

Frisbee and a lack of pictures..

Joel and I are SOO bad about remembering to take pictures! On Friday we went and threw the frisbee around, and I brought the camera with us.  I took about 2 pictures and then put the camera away..and go figure, I forgot to take it out agian!lol We did a few other things this weekend that we meant to bring the camera for too! We went to Red Mango and got a free smoothie and ice cream because we had coupons, and as soon as we got home I remembered that I completely forgot to take pictures! Hopefully I'll get better though before the baby comes! That'd be sad!
Anyway! Here're the few that I did get though.:)
^Just before walking out the door

There's a great park right by our place that we're lucky to be able to go play at!

p.s. I just want to add that this picture was taken at about 8:30 pm...Utah is so weird! It was still light at 9 pm!


  1. We sure missed ya'll last night! I miss seeing you too! I've been slightly out of commission since Wes got home :) Love you, Kris!

  2. It is nice that you have the pictures you do have. You will definately remember to take photos when the baby comes! I finally got a good camera about the time my grandkids showed up and I have so many photos that it has become a storage issue and mostly they are pictures of you guys that I love. Chase is going to help me do some scanning tomorrow to get them on my computer! I am excited about the chance to get better organized with the photos. I really enjoyed hearing about your fun times, Kristin and Joel!

  3. I remember all of your boxes of pictures under beds and such! That'll be one big project for you guys! But definitely worth it! It'll be fun to go through them too! Wish I could go through them with you!