Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Picture Frames

Kristin and I were getting a little bored and really wanted to do some new projects. And since our anniversary was coming up, we thought we'd do something to remember some of our memories from this past year. Rachel Brinkerhoff recently took some amazing pictures for us of our family and of Siena, so we decided to print up some pictures and frame them.

We started of with a couple of old frames from DI.

In total we spent 10 dollars on the frames. Then we printed up the photos including a portrait of our new little family.

We did the matte with a 22x28 piece of poster board from Wal-Mart. Then we spray painted the old nasty frames and inserted our newly printed photos. And there ya go...


  1. LOVE! Ya'll are so cute! Looks great!!

  2. That is so cool! I really LOVE the family photo that you have posted on this blog! It is the CUTEST picture of all of you and I'm guessing Rachel took it, too! Just so DARLING and PRECIOUS! Please email me the photo so I can get it printed up for my home, too! Love you guys a lot!

  3. So cute!! It was fun to see you yesterday, look forward to seeing little Siena this weekend!!

  4. Jenna- I didn't know you had a blog! so fun! I can't seem to get to it though..kinda weird! I'll keep trying though.
    Thanks again Rach for taking the great pic!
    And Grams-Ya I'll send that on to you now!:)

  5. CUTE! They look great! And great idea to look for frames at DI!!!

  6. The frame that can fit three photos is beautiful. Man, if I owned one like that, I'd paint it red. That's my favorite color. Hehe, your photos are amazing. Best wishes to your family, Kristin & Joel.