Thursday, August 11, 2011

The saw...

Hi all, this is Joel giving an update... We had visit #2 at the Doctor's today. Let's just say that it was a little nerve wrecking (see the pictures of the saw). Every week Siena has to have the cast replaced for the first month or so. We found out today that around the 4th week, they will cut her Achilles's tendon and then cast it again for about 3 weeks to let it grow back. After that, she will begin the 2 shoe brace for 3 months all day. Then it will be on for another 3 years to fully correct her foot. We will also have X-Rays done around 6 months to see how her leg is developing and whether or not it will grow at the same rate as her other leg. We got some good information today.

To remove the cast today they used this crazy saw/vacuum thing. Check it out.

The Doctor said her foot looks really good so far. It's already so much straighter! So cool!

Here's the old cast and the new one getting put on.

We are just so glad that it is getting fixed while she is still so small and it won't affect her hardly at all throughout her life. What a blessing. More updates to come!!


  1. oh poor baby! Wow, glad it's going well, though!!

  2. You should save that first cast so she can see how tiny she was! Did you tell them to make it pink this time around?