Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our latest happenings

Well! Lots has happened since I posted last. Siena and I went to Houston.  Nikki was so sweet and flew us out to visit! Unfortunately though I brought my camera, but forgot my memory card! So no pictures from that fun trip! Luckily Cne took a few and so did Nikki so hopefully I can get those and post them later.

Here are some of the pictures from the latest happenings:
Sometimes we celebrate birthdays

Sometimes Siena watches the Sing-off with daddy

Sometimes Siena gets bundled up and we go on walks

Sometimes Siena reads books

And sometimes Siena moves herself without my help.  See the container of wipes? That's where her head was before I started doing my make-up.  By the time I was done, this is where she
I also made us our Christmas stockings! I'll post that next though. Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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  1. She has to win some cute baby contest somewhere! I know I am prejudice but she is just beautiful, Kristin and Joel. These pictures are always so fun and I enjoy seeing and reading about your happy times together. Looking forward to seeing the cute Christmas stockings! Hope your birthday was really fun for you! I never know when it is convenient for you but call me sometime so we can catch up a little! Sending love and hugs, Grandmother xxxooo