Friday, November 25, 2011


Siena has started eating solids! She had her 4 month appointment on Wednesday and they said that she could start. This has been fun! Here's a video of that:
Also kinda funny, but whenever we take her heavy shoes off, she shoots her legs straight up in the air. She's even started playing with her feet which is fun.
She also has started pushing up on her feet. Unfortunately, her arms aren't strong enough yet, so she just face
Our little Siena's already getting so big! It's so fun to watch her grow and develop!

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  1. With the light on her hair she looks like a little blondie but I know better. So cute watching her eat and I could see what a kick you were getting out of it, too, Kristin. Joel you are so sweet and patient with your little baby girl. Such sweet parents, both of you!