Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quiet Book/Texture book

This is Siena's quiet book. I got a lot of the designs from other quiet books that I have seen, like this one.  She also had a little girl one that I used some designs from as well. Tricia and I also came up with a few designs too. She has a little boy though so we did a few different designs, so I'm excited to see her finished product. I had so much fun making this.  We got a lot of scraps from Tricia's mother-in-law(who by the way is an awesome quilter!!)  Anyway, I really like the finished product. Check it out! 
Somehow I forgot to take pictures of  the butterfly and bumble bee pages..but they're added now.

 Then here's each individual page.


  1. Kristin, that was such a creative project! No wonder you had a such a good time making it. I had a good time looking at all the fun pages and I'm sure Siena and the next babies down the line will enjoy this little book, too! Cute of her learning to roll over, too, but I gasp when it looked like she might go over the edge of the place she was laying on. LOL