Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Eventful Weekend

Little miss fell asleep in my lap this morning while I was checking e-mail and such.  Luckily my camera was right next to me.
What a cutie! We also got some funny shots from last night and from this weekend.  This next picture was from the other day.  We went over to some friends' house and on the 2 minute drive home Siena fell asleep and when joel tried to take her out she stayed asleep, so he ran and got me to show me. This picture is from AFTER trying to take her out of her seat..she was soo tired apparently!lol
 This one's from Sunday.  Steph and Chris came down to see Gmother Wells before she heads off on her mission.  Braden crawled up to Siena and then this is what came next:
 They held hands for a fair amount of time.  It was pretty cute!
This one is also from Sunday with Gmother Wells before she took off! She'll be serving in California for this next year as an employment specialist for our church.

 This one is from last night. Siena decided it was more fun to play with her toy on the ground..needless to say, this bouncer has been retired to the storage room.lol
That was our weekend! We also did lots of projects this weekend as well. I'll post those later though. Siena's about to wake up from her nap!

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  1. I love her!! You're very talented for taking a picture at such an awkward angle!