Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Christmas projects

Over Christmas I made lots of things! I made, 2 ties, 1 new wreath, a hat, and since we've been back Joel and I have re-painted our kitchen chairs along with adding a cushion and new fabric to them. I'm also working on re-covering a bunch of pillows that will go on our new couches.  Lots to do!:)

This thing didn't cost me anything to make because I already had everything.  I just took newspaper that I rolled and then shaped it into a circle and taped it that way.  Then I duct taped it all the way around just so it would hold it's shape. I then wrapped that in fabric, and embellished it with random things that I made/already had.

Well!! For Christmas I made quite a few things.  2 ties, a new wreath, a new hat for my brother's girl "friend" and since we've gotten home we've repainted our new kitchen chairs, given them cushions and new fabric, and I've been working on pillows for our couch as well! Lots and lots of projects!

My only picture of making the ties..whoops
While in Kentucky I made a hat, or I guess I "embellished" a hat for James to give to one of his girl "friends".  We bought a cheap gray hat that had just a black ribbon around it, and then I added everything else.  Thiw was a really fun project, and I think it turned out pretty cute!
So there you have it! For now, that's it! I'll post our newly painted and re-upholstered kitchen table and chairs soon!:)


  1. Um... I would pay you for that hat! So cute!

  2. The flowers on your wreath are so cute! Have you ever tried the insulation pipe from lowes? It would work better and hold it's shape better than newspaper/tape and would only cost $1 - cheaper then the duct tape I would imagine. You should do a tutorial on those flowers! They are amazing - the color, the designs - on that hat too!!!

  3. haha ya, I actually had to make it last minute and didn't want to spend extra money, so I tried to come up with a different way of making it. I actually was able to make it more round later, I just knew it was going in my suitcase, so I didn't bother shaping it all that well.
    I didn't realize how cheap those pipe things were though! That's a great idea. Thanks for the tip!