Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A lot has changed since Christmas.  Our house got a face lift, Siena's got a tooth, Joel started his last semester at BYU, and we became Vegans. Ok, I know your first thought when you hear vegan is "tree-huggin', animal lovin' freaks..." Here's the thing, it's not that we're some "new-age freaks", as one person has called us..lol we just want to be healthy. We actually saw a couple of documentaries about eating fruits and vegetables and whole grains and loved it.  Therefore we decided to give it a try.  (p.s. my parents, aunt and uncle, grandmother, and some of my cousins are currently eating this way too! Kind of cool.)

I found both pictures off of google images..
Results so far: both Joel and I have lost weight, and I feel fantastic!  I used to feel tired pretty much 80% of the time.  Yes, I still have to get to bed by about 10pm or I become VERY grumpy, and no one knows that more than Joel.lol But even with the lack of sleep from Siena teething and being sick, etc. I actually feel pretty energized.  Granted, when I get my full amount of sleep at night, I do much better, but I can really tell a difference between before we started eating this way and after.

What's the hardest part about it: No cheese! Joel and I used to put cheese on EVERYTHING! I also feel kind of like I'm learning to cook all over again because I can't use a lot of the old things I used to, such as milk, creams, and like I said, cheese.  It's getting much easier though, so that's good! I'm learning how to use spices, which I didn't really use much because most things were either pre-spiced, or the meat and cheese were the flavorings.

Side note: we're not strictly vegan. We do go out to Olive Garden on the weekend still or our favorite frozen yogurt shop, but when we're at home, we try to only eat healthy.

So there you have it, we're Vegan.  I may post an occasional recipe here or there because believe it or not, there are some really good vegan dishes out there.:)


  1. I toy with doing this all the time. I've tried to incorporate some more vegan recipes into our regular meal plans, but I'm not sure if I could get Nate to take the plunge. Hearing how much better you feel is really encouraging though. You'll have to let me know about some of your good recipes/sources.

  2. Definitely! I'm currently trying to figure out a way to get my meal plans onto my blog.. My sister was asking for my meal plan so I typed them up and put links to each meal on it..so we'll see if I can figure out how to do that. Are you on Pinterest?