Monday, October 17, 2011

One happy baby!

She's been talking a lot more lately. The other day she even smiled and talked to a lady in the grocery store. Here's a sample!
She was just too happy's another cute video:
I figure I'll just go ahead and add all the fun picture from this weekend to this post too..
On friday night we went over to Rachel and Weston's and made pizzas and played games! Lots of fun:

Then on Saturday night, Joel and I carved our pumpkin!

Kinda hard to tell..but that's suppose to be Transformer's Optimus Prime..
We also cut out 2 holes in the back of the pumpkin to get pictures of Siena in you will be able to tell by the pictures, she was not so happy about that.


She was happy once she was picked

About to start crying again..loved the face
All dressed up for church, and matching her daddy!
After church she got a bath, and we tested out her new bath robe from Nini Cluff(spelling mom?)

It was a great weekend for sure!


  1. Oh my GOODNESSSSSS!!!! I am loving these darling pictures of your family! Siena is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh so cute and sweet!!! I need to get on your blog more often, Kristin!

  2. I just had a fit over these photos, Kristin and Joel. Had to show Ian when he got home from school, too! Sooooo CUTE! My favorites are the darling ones of her and Joel in the pumpkin mini skirt with the skeptical look and the one in the bathroom robe is cute too. THANKS, KRISTIN! I love it!

  3. Just getting back to this and I got such a kick out of the little video's with her smiling and making those goo-goo sounds she makes, too. She is really growing fast now. Before you know it she will be crawling all over the place! Such a darling baby girl! I know, I'm prejudiced!