Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Purest

Well, after many attempts at different desserts that I have either heard about or have pinned, I have decided that I am a dessert purest.  Although many were good, there is just something so fabulous about a plain chocolate chip cookie, a brownie, a piece of cheesecake, or an oreo even.  Some of the "mixed" desserts I've tried include:
  • Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies


  • Chocolate brownie with oreo chunks and cream cheese marble

  • Chocolate brownie with cookie dough inside it

These are only a few(I included the links so that if anyone wanted to give them a try, you can). I understand the want and need for something new. After all, I did try them out of curiosity and because I just wanted something new.  However, after taking the effort, spending the money, and eating the calories..I have concluded that I, Kristin, am a dessert purest.

Tonight I will be making my favorite, plain jane, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

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