Friday, October 28, 2011

Where will the Reicherts be in less than a year?

Great news!! All of Joel's hard work has officially paid off! He has spent SO many hours working on his resume, cover letters, applying for jobs, going to interviews..etc! Well we can officially say that Joel has a full-time job lined up for after graduation! We accepted a job in....Drum roll please...

 This is the downtown:

The State capitol is here...
I got both pictures from google images..

AUSTIN, TX with Dell!

That's right ladies and gents! We're headin back to Texas! We'll probably leave Utah after Joel graduates, but he won't start work until August or September.  But so fun! Joel is really excited about the position he will be in so we couldn't be more happy with this decision! We're extremely excited and ready to start this next chapter of our lives together!
When we found out on Monday, we headed off to our favorite yogurt shop, Yogurt Land to celebrate:
Also, just a random cute picture of Siena from yesterday:


  1. happiness!

    umm Siena is all joel in that pic.......

  2. yay! & do I spy a tuft of hair??

  3. I've been away from my computer (at your Mom's house actually) and just got the news! That is exciting to hear and since you both have some roots in Texas, you have a great story to tell! Sure wish it was Nashville but unless you are in music... I jest, since I know absolutely nothing about the business world. Cngratulations to you both! Such a cute, cute photo of Siena! She is a real beauty!

  4. Thanks Gmother!:) We're really excited about it! And yes rach, her hair is totally growing..but only on the top of her She is going to have a backwards mullet soon..