Monday, October 3, 2011

Project #3: Ribbon Rose and Beaded Medallion Headband

Ok, So one of these days I'll have to write out and take pictures of the steps to making the beaded medallions! They're not too hard and they look really cool when you're done..but not today.  Here's how I made the ribbon roses though:

I started out with a piece of circle felt and put a glue dot in the center.

 Push the ribbon down onto the glue dot.

Next tie a knot as close to the glue dot as you can get it.


Then start twisting your ribbon and gluing it down!

Twist and glue until you got all the way around the piece of felt.

Next, turn the flower over, put a glue dot on the back and push your ribbon down onto the glue dot. Cut off the excess ribbon.

I made two of these ribbon roses and then glued my beaded medallion onto them as shown below:

I chose to use elastic for the headband so I placed a line of glue and glued down my elastic.

Next I put a bunch of glue all over the bottom of the rosettes.

And then placed another piece of felt over the back
And you're done!Really simple..probably took me about a half hour to make my rosettes and assemble the headband!

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