Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lots to Blog about!'s been a while since I last posted. Luckily Joel has done pretty well with keeping things updated.  I guess I should get to the first thing: Siena's foot update.
Siena had an appointment about 3 weeks ago for her foot.  This was the appointment where they cut her Achilles tendon.  Here are some pictures from that:
After using "the saw" they use these pliers to pry the cast off.

Here's what her leg looked like so far! They said the dryness should go away after she gets her cast off.

They put some numbing cream on her heal and let it sit for 45 minutes

Siena and I then just chilled in the waiting room until the numbing cream had done it's job:

Next they took her back(I had to wait in the waiting room while they did the actual procedure).  Once they were done, they called me back so I could see the tiny incision they did on her heal to cut her tendon.
She did so good.  They said she didn't cry at all.

Poor little girl was sooo tuckered out after all of that.
 So that's everything! She did pretty well with it.  She did wake up about every 2 hours that night..but the next night went a lot smoother.  She now has her appointment TOMORROW to get her cast taken off and start on the shoes! So exciting! We can finally give her a real bath!hah

Ok, what next..  Did I tell you that she balded?lol Like an old man too! She looked like our old stake president for a little while.. I finally pulled out our clippers, put on a 1 and shaved the rest off so it would grow in Also, is it bad that one of my favorite faces that she makes is a frowny face right before she starts to cry..?
How can you not love that face??
We also took some close up pictures of all the cute things you don't want to forget on a baby..such as the lips:
Too cute!
 Also Steph and Chris came in town for Siena's baby blessing and I got a few pictures of all the kiddos together!

So fun!While they were over, Savannah saw the tutu that Vivian, Joel's mom, got for Siena.  It's a size 2 so it'll be a while before she can wear it.  I told Savannah she could wear it for the afternoon, and she was SOO excited! She put it on and ran circles around our living room!

 I wasn't kidding when I said I had a lot to blog about..I still have like 3 more things..
She's started smiling!

In fact, Joel went in to put her to bed the other day, and when he went to sing her a song not only did she stop crying..but this is what he got:

Oh, she also has a new BYU T-shirt.  Gotta represent!lol  She wore it the other day when we went to watch the football game!

Last night we went to a BYU women's soccer game. We won 5 to 0! Great game!
Last, but not least.  Siena had her 2 month appointment today! Unfortunately this is the appointment when they get a bunch of she was poked and prodded and all sorts of things. She fell asleep on the way home and has been sleeping soundly ever since in her car seat(NOT NORMAL!lol) She usually hates her car seat!lol
So ya, lots has been happening! Hope all is well with everyone! I think I hear her waking up, right on time..better run!


  1. Wow I can't believe she's 2 months old that little stinker keeps gettnig so BIG! I love the chub & the smiles! Ah :) & thank you for updating the blog, it's great to read!!

  2. Kristin, that was just sooo, sooo fun to read and to see all the cute pictures of our little Siena! She is just adorable and I showed her picture to my sister, A.J., off my phone and she thought that Siena was so cute and she really was impressed with her! Glad that things are going well with her treatment and will be happy for you and her to not have the cast anymore to deal with. She will seem light as a feather after you get that thing off! Thanks so much for sharing! It means a lot, Joel and Kristin to see my darling little ggrand! Kisses and Hugs!

  3. I love this little girl so much, and I don't even know her! Can I come meet her sometime soon please??

  4. yes, please do Sierra! Just let me know schedule is pretty darn open!lol