Sunday, September 4, 2011

Siena's Baby Blessing

This whole weekend has been great. My family came in town to visit. BYU won their football game and I got to bless my baby girl Siena at Church today. We are so lucky to have such supportive families and friends. Thank you to all who came and supported and to those who helped bless her. We appreciate your love and care to come and be a part of such a special day. Also Kristin was amazing and made Siena's dress and the super cool head band. She made it look so amazing! We hope you will enjoy the following pictures from this weekend:

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  1. What a lovely beautiful occasion! You also did it on your Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary, too! Very cool! I have thought about you all all day and wished so much I could have been there. Your little Siena is adorable and she is dressed so cute in all of your wonderful creations, Kristin! I love that about you that you are such a seamstress and it reminds me regularly of my Dear Mother who must have surely passed some of those creative genes down to you! Lovely to see your parents were able to be there, Joel and to see Stephanie, and the Sellers were able to come, too plus Weston and Rachel, of course! Thanks for sharing your very special event with me and others who can see your blog, too! Loved having your folks here this weekend! Love you all! Please put me on the phone texted photos list! Loved seeing the one you sent to Julie today! Hugs all around and much love!