Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is harder..

Ok, remember that post I made a while back called "this is hard"? Well..this is harder:
Letting your baby cry in the next room because you've already held her for almost 2 hours without her calming down and in order to keep yourself from breaking down in tears you have to let her cry in the next room for a little while..
Siena had her appointment to get her cast taken off today..and needless to say it went bad. The actual appointment was just fine. They used the saw, the pliers and everything went like normal.  However, when it came time for them to put the shoes on, Siena was so upset! They said that when the casts come off they basically feel that tingly feeling that we feel after your foot or something has gone numb..well she takes after her mother, and HATES that feeling apparently.
So anyway.  They put the shoes on and said that we have to take them off every 2-3 hours to check for blisters.  The shoes are some pretty tough leather and so until they are broken in(about a week to a week and a half) we have to keep checking for blisters.  The nurse tried to scare us, and she did a great job when she told us a story about some parents that when they took the shoes off their child, the shoes had worn the babies foot down to the bone/tendon..ummm ya, sufficiently scared! Thanks nurse lady!
Siena does not like the shoes and has surely let me know that.  She cried he whole way home and  hasn't really stopped since.  She had a mini break when I took her shoes off at 6:30 to check her feet and I went ahead and fed her then.  She hadn't eaten since 11am and was refusing to eat while the shoes were on..poor little girl!
So there ya have 1 with the shoes down..night we go! Here's some pictures:
Her awesome new accessory

She was content for about 2 minutes after I put her shoes on the 3rd time..until I picked her up..poor girl!

All the moleskin that I have already put on her feet to prevent blisters


  1. Poor baby! My mom can commiserate with you on this, Katie was born with two clubbed feet and spent lots of time in casts and braces with funky shoes. The good news is only one of you will remember this...unfortunately for you it doesn't make it any easier. :( I hope she doesn't cry too much!

  2. My mom was just telling me about that! That's crazy! I had no idea she had clubbed feet! So sad! But nice to see a success story!:)

  3. It has come a LONG way since when she was little, I am sure Siena's treatment will be even more effective than Katie's. The thing I always remember is my mom telling us how she was cooing to Katie while she was on the changing table, and she kicked her legs and got my mom in the nose with her casted leg. She said she saw stars and it was all she could do to stay standing, so stear clear!

  4. oh gosh, Kristin. I'm so sorry about your terrible day. I'm praying for ya'll and Siena. I hope the night goes okay. I wish I didn't have work and could come help you out during the day!

  5. Crying babies is so heartbreaking...especially when you can't explain that it is helping her. I miss you guys so much! I so wish I could come meet her. How long does she have to wear her "accessories?"

  6. She has to wear it for 23 hrs a day for 3 months, then after that for 3 years, but just during nights and long naps. So ya..we're in for the long haul!lol and I concurr! It'd be so fun to see you again! It's been a while since we've seen all the Houston friends!